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Established in 2009, Omnia Oilfield Services Incorporated is based in Calgary, Alberta. OMNIA is a business consulting firm that specializes in providing strategic consulting and customized business solutions to Indigenous Aboriginal and First Nations communities throughout Western Canada. Omnia's goal is to help the communities it represents in achieving economic prosperity through exploiting and developing their own resources into economic development opportunity. Omnia works closely with its partnered Indigenous and Aboriginal First Nations communities and aims to achieve Economic Development and prosperity by providing customized consulting solutions to develop, build and nurture member owned and operated, and community owned and operated businesses.

  Omnia works closely with its partnered communities in understanding the priorities of each specific community it represents, and works to address the priorities and concerns of those specific communities and their members, collaborating with any industry that propose any sort of impact on their inherent traditional territories, or proposes to impact any lands bordering those traditional territories. Omnia works closely with reputable expert negotiators, business advisors and legal representatives specializing in First Nations Law, economic development and tax efficiency, spanning across Canada, from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. To that extent, Omnia can provide its partnered communities and their members with the right professionals, resources and tools they require to achieve economic prosperity and independence and to help the communities and their members fully understand the benefit and participation from Industry on their inherent traditional territories.This allows for Omnia and its communities to strongly assert themselves with the best representation possible for all consultations and accommodations, either from government or private corporate entities within Industry.